SRDC Meeting

The Sagarmatha Research & Development Center (SRDC) held its first meeting with the Executive Team on May 6, 2022.  The research director Dr. Bhupati Neupane presented the “Operational Strategic Plan of Research Centre” to the Research Members, Er. Baikuntha Acharya, Er. Manoj Bhatta, and Er. Sujan Pokhrel.  


Left: Er. Sujan Pokhrel, & Dr. Bhupati Neupane, Right: Er. Baikuntha Acharya, & Er. Manoj Bhatta 

 Along with revising the SRDC Policy, the executive committee decided to organize either Seminar or Training for the Faculty members mentioned in the “Action Plan”, form Sagarmatha Student Research Committee (SRRC), finalize the Guidelines for Proposal, and organize at least 2 regular meetings per month within the gap of 15 days and other meetings as per the needs.


May 11, 2022