PBL Student Case Snapshot – SEC, Nepal


In the SEC canteen, there are a lot of problems like unmanaged token system and queueing system, late services, unmanaged and crowded space. There is a single person in reception who cannot handle many students during peak hour. Also, even if the foods are ready to distribute, people/students do not get proper notification like whose order has been serviced and what things are ready. Even the menu board is not updated. Some students have also complained to the canteen management team that they have not got proper quality and quantity of food with respect to price.

The goal of this case is to identify the problems of the present context of the canteen of Sagarmatha Engineering College and identify the possible solutions. Under the topic Canteen management system, students perform different activities to find out the problems which are currently faced by each stakeholder of the canteen. On analyzing the problem’s cause, they have tried our best to find the solution of a related problem which may help to manage the canteen more perfectly and efficiently. They have implemented a problem-based learning method to find out the problems.


Bharat Bhatta, Lecturer, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Associated courses:

Project (Part A) CT707

Project (Part B) CT755

Time Frame: 

Course: 01/2020 - 08/2020

Field visit: 5/02/2020, 8/02/2020, 20/02/2020



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Nov 14, 2022