To mould the students to meet the corporate expectation and place them in reputed companies based on the expected Job profiles of each student.




  • To give various level of training compatible to the job market and to help them in exploring the skills they learnt
  • To bridge between Institute and Industry
  • To facilitate information about employment to the students via notices and emails
  • To organize talk programs, workshop and seminars. To facilitate internship opportunities and placement of the students in the appropriate firms


The goal of SCC is to provide employment opportunities and market ready training to Students.

At Sagarmatha Enginering College, we foster a climate where collaboration with industry thrives, generating both skills and technology that can support continuous innovation and growth. With a perfect track record of very productive relationships with corporations of all sizes, from startups to mature, successful enterprises, our institutions provide the students with education, research and connections to world class faculty and corporate.

The Training and Placement Unit of centrally handles placement of the graduating students. The Unit provides complete support to the visiting companies at every stage of placement process.


Bachelors in Engineering degree does not have a mandatory internship as a part of their curriculum. This devoids them from getting exposure in tackling live problems that occur in the working of an individual entity. However, there are some industrial visits prescribed in the syllabus but deos not meet the requirements of getting practical exposure. So, we have come up with the packages of market driven trainings keep the students informed about latest industrial trends.


All the reputed organizations including MNCs focus on recruiting a skilled professionals. However, there is a huge gap between what students study in academic course and what they need to perform in the real fieldds. The Training & Placement Unit works towards bridging this gap.



Contact Details:

Ms. Dakshina Shrestha

Vice-Principal, Academic