Bachelors in Engineering degree does not have a mandatory internship as a part of their curriculum. This devoids them from getting exposure in tackling live problems that occur in the working of an individual entity. However, there are some industrial visits prescribed in the syllabus but deos not meet the requirements of getting practical exposure. So, we have come up with the packages of market driven trainings keep the students informed about latest industrial trends.


Training packages are selected on basis of their core subject  and the current market trends.In the present scenario it is mandatory that students have to exhibit their technical talent along with the communication skills, business etiquette, team work and leadership style. Hence the students undergo personality development and soft skills training from the day they enroll to our college. Apart from this, our college provides an opportunity to the faculties to upgrade their teaching skills with the present scenario through faculty dRight blend of teaching and training produce students who are well-equipped to face the challenges of the real world. They have immense advantage when applying for internships & jobs over other students who do not have the right combination of theoretical & practical skills. A highly experienced & dedicated team in this area handles the training and placement unit of the institute. The training and placement is very active in helping students for training and placements.evelopment programme in the regular interval. 


To meet the rapid changes in technology our college conducts Value Added Courses which the students learn beyond their syllabus , for the students from the first year. The other unique feature of the training programme is the need analysis done among the students, based on their need they are exposed to various training programmes. The effectiveness of the training programme is analyzed using the feedback collected from each and every student.