Notice regarding Research Proposal


Required information and form

Outline of the proposal

1. Introduction

1.1  Problem statement

1.2  Research Questions (Optional)

1.3  Research Objectives

1.4  Significance of the research

 2.  Literature Review

2.1  Previous research

2.2  Theoretical/ conceptual/ Operational framework

3.     Research Methodology

3.1  Research nature (Quantitative/ Qualitative/ Mixed methods)

3.2  Sample and sampling techniques (Optional)

3.3  Source of Data

3.4  Data collection procedure

3.5  Data analysis Techniques

4.     Expected outcome (define some specific findings that will be archived)
5.     Limitation of the Study (heights the issue for research findings with solution)
6.     Timetable/ Research plan
7.     Budgeting (Fill up the separate detail budget request form)


** APA referencing style for sciences, social sciences (Optional)

Note:  Researchers are hereby directed to follows this format for the submission of their proposal to the SRDC for approval. However, more details may be added to this proposal format if required for any particular topics

-        SRDC will shortlist the applied proposal and invite for presentation for final approvals

Guideline for research proposal

The English language is mandatory for the proposal. The proposal should be written in as non-technical language as possible for the benefit of faculty in other disciplines. The body of the proposal (Problem Statement to Methodology) should not exceed 10 pages. Proposals should be prepared using a font size of 12 using Times New Roman and must be 1.5-spaced. One-inch margins and Justified text are to be used. There are limits to the number of pages 7- 10 of the proposal. Brief supporting documentation may be put in appendices.

Below are the specific sections to be included in the proposal as well as what should

be contained in each section:

  •  Cover Page

Use the cover page form provided at (Download from for SEC and Download form for CSIT).

Include the title of the project, name of applicant and department, inclusive

dates of the project and total budget request.

  • Problem Statement (or Statement of Need) and Review of Related Research

Provide a clear and precise statement of the problem to be addressed and the need for its solution. This should establish timeliness, generalizability, and contribution of the project. References to previous research or earlier works should be cited to establish the significance and relevance of the project. Innovativeness of the proposed methodology may also be substantiated. Include any statistical data that describe the need, if applicable.


  • Objectives/Hypotheses/Questions

Include a very specific indication of the proposed outcomes of the project stated as objectives, hypotheses, and/or questions. Statements should flow logically from the identified needs/problems.

  • Methodology

Describe how the objectives will be met or hypotheses/questions tested. This section may start with a description of the overall approach and then details about methodology, participants, organization, and timeframe. For example, a project involving survey research should describe the design, population and sample, data and instrumentation, and analysis. A timeline, including specific dates, must be included with each proposal. The section should end with clear identification of both short-term and long-term end products expected. Facilities and Equipment: Describe the facilities and equipment required and how these will be provided. This section may also describe an innovative idea for any unique equipment or facilities available to the researcher which will facilitate the project.

  • Budget

 Use the budget form provided at Download from Here. Outline the cost of the project, categorized by such items as travel, supplies/services, equipment, or personnel, using the budget form provided on the website. Provide a brief justification for each budget item. The budget total should correspond with the amount requested on the cover page. A travel essential to the research project is eligible for funding.


Project selection criteria


The proposed innovative project must provide evidence of how it will contribute to the overall objective of the SRDC.

Proposal will select for presentation based on the evaluation criteria defined in the checklist below.

Checklist for selecting the proposals



Evaluation Criteria

Full Marks

Pass Marks

Obtained Marks


Quality of ideas/ Originality





Relative (Necessity)





Methodology/ Design





Technical Feasibility





Financial Feasibility





Implementation Plan/ Time Frame









Total Marks





** Pass mark obtained project only selected for presentation 



Jul 5, 2022