Budgeting guidelines

  1. 1.     Desk study (up to 20%)- 1st phase
  • Literature Review,
  • Research plan,
  • Data Generation/ Equipment hire
  • Stationary 
  1. 2.     Data acquisition/ processing (Up to 55 %)- 2nd phase
  • Field Travel
  • Data collection
  • Laboratory analysis
  1. 3.     Submission/ Presentation (Up to 15 %) – 3rd Phase
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Report presentation
  1. 4.      Publication (Up to 10%)- 4th Phase


1)   1st phase (installment) is only released after the SRDC will approve the research proposal

  • Well-designed, clear objectives and goal should be clear 
  • Need to present a power point presentation to SRDC team  

2)   2nd phase of budget release   after the progress report will review by the SRDC

  • Status of the Initial progress
  • Literature review and desk study progress
  • Data collection plan

3)   3rd phase of budget will release based on the progress of the 2nd phase task

  • Collected data information and analysis plan
  • Data interpretation plan
  • Final report presentation and submission

4)   Final phase of budget will be allocated after the research article accepted for publication   

  • Research article preparation and submission
  • Research article acceptance


  • If Project/research will complete on time and will published in our online journal, SRDC will provide an excellent certificate with cash reward of RS. 15,000
  • Timely completed Project/research investigator will get more priorities for the next project/research approval


  • Termination (incomplete) project without reasons
  • Will disqualified for applying future project elsewhere (institution and other development project) 

Jun 8, 2022