Guidelines for preparing proposals

The following information should be included in the proposal:

  • Project Title, Date of submission, and participants' names and affiliations;
  • Objectives, Purpose, and
  • Significance of the proposed work
  • Research Methodology, including the steps to be taken, methods to be employed in conducting the research, and data sources (if any)
  • Timetable, including major time commitments (studying, teaching, research, and administration) during the period of the proposed research
  • Detailed budget, including estimated costs and stipends must be specifically justified
  • Expected outcome  

Please click the link below for application for proposal

The SRDC will evaluate proposals received and make a decision concerning the suitability, including the amount of funding. Successful applicants will be notified soon after. Payment will not be made until the director of the SRDC receives approval decision from the committee’s members of the research unit. All decisions of the SRDC are final. Successful applicants will be expected to update their progress periodically during the grant period.

To apply

Send an electronic copy of the proposal to the SRDC mail:


Jun 8, 2022