Students shall obey the procedures, directions, notices and circulars of the college, and shall not violate the rules and regulation of the college.
Students are required to attend lectures regularly. A student must achieve a minimum of 70% of the total attendance to be eligible to sit in the final examination.

Punctuality for all sessions is essential.

Students should make maximum contribution from their side to uplift the dignity and reputation of the college.

Students shall treat all employees, teachers, other students and other members of the public with respect, dignity, impartiality, courtesy and


Students shall not obtain college goods or services by making false statements or by using or presenting a false or unauthorized document.

Students shall not produce false documents bearing marks, date of birth etc. with an attempt to avail privileges such as scholarships or waivers.

A student shall not use, possess, display, or store any weapon, dangerous instrument, explosive material or device, fireworks or dangerous chemicals while on campus, or during campus events and acitivites.

Students shall not smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs of any sort.

Students shall complete all assignments and exams without copying, cheating or plagiarizing.

Students are required to keep their mobile phones switched off in all learning areas and shall not use mobile phones, cameras or other equipment that disturb or affect another person’s right to privacy.

Students shall not use rude and abusive language to fellow students, teachers and staff of the college.