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Ujjwal Thapa

(Civil Engineering - 2074 Batch)

The college definitely seems to be a better place for extroverted people who are willing to put themselves out their comfort zone and show initiative and innovative thinking. Academics are important, but success in college is not just about test scores or a GPA. You will be expected to demonstrate passion, creativity, leadership, and critical thinking. Take time to develop passions. One day, you’ll realize that grades aren’t everything. Right now, it’s probably difficult not to define yourself by your achievements. Take time to do something you love and create an identity for yourself. And keep up the good work. These are some of the valuable life lessons I am getting to learn at Sagarmatha.

Jeevan Kafle

(Computer Engineering - 2074 Batch)

Sagarmatha College always has been a second home to all those students who are always having eagerness to do something new. Learning and growing have always been easy in the friendly sphere of college in presence of seniors, juniors, classmates, teachers and they were and will be always there to help. There will be a number of opportunities to explore in this college. This is such a beautiful platform where you will grow up to deal with real-time implementations in your career. Here I am always being pleased and extremely proud to be part of this college where I am always inspired to explore myself. This college has always focused on a personality to do something new in their own capacity.

Madhav Dahal

(Electronics Engineering - 2074 Batch)

“Learning is the essence of life. Sagarmatha Engineering College had been my paradise temple where I met so many beautiful staff and faculties who encouraged me and boosted my skills to enlighten my life and where my wishes came true. At SEC I have made new friends, new memories, and I look to the future with new eyes. I thank all the people I met in college life who made my life taste better. Thank You SEC”