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Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering


Electronics Engineering is a rapidly advancing profession and is the driving force behind the development of world’s information technology. Electronics Engineers develop the way electricity is used to control equipment. They design, build, install, test, troubleshoot, repair and modify developmental and production electronic components, equipment, and systems such as industrial/ computer controls, manufacturing systems, communication systems, power electronic systems. Electronic Engineers create, design and develop everyday devices like the mobile phone, portable music devices and computers among many other things. Electronic Engineering offers a broad range of exciting career challenges including producing new innovations and developments in telecommunications, robotics, computing, hardware, power & electrical equipment, computer networking, software, production & manufacturing and quality control.

Electronics Engineering is a challenging and creative profession and is  present in varieties faces of life ranging from consumer goods to  sophisticated instrumentation used in electronic circuits, electronic  devices, telecommunications and computer systems.

Electronics Engineers devise a way the electricity is used to operate  and control the electronic devices. They are responsible for the  incessant improvement of the quality of our lives through the  development of new equipment in the field of medicine,  communications, computing, security, business, entertainment etc. This four year bachelor level course in Electronics and Communication Engineering will provide in depth study of electronic device, digital & analog circuit design, control systems, microprocessor and computer design, embedded system and communication & networking. This course emphasizes in teaching foundation principles of wireless and telecommunication systems. The major subjects that you come across are digital and analog circuits, computer hardware, computer networking, instrumentation, digital and analog communications, telecommunications, optical technology, wireless systems electromagnetism, embedded systems, computer programming, antenna and elective subjects.

If you’ve thought about building or maintaining high-tech equipment – from hand-held personal communication devices to highly specialized electronic equipment for a variety of industries – you can turn your interests into a career of your dreams. If your career dream is to design and develop automated systems or you aim to work on Government or Education Sector, We can help you build on your natural curiosity to understand current technologies first-hand, and help develop the skills you need to succeed. With the right education, you can be prepared to pursue any of these careers in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Read more about possibe careers of an Electronics and Communication Engineer >>