Internal Online Dissemination Event on “InterNepInd Project” Organized for SEC Faculties

August 7, 2022

Internal Online Dissemination Event on “InterNepInd Project” Organized for SEC Faculties

Internal Online Dissemination Event on “InterNepInd Project” Organized for SEC Faculties
The “InterNepInd” project working group of Sagarmatha Engineering College (SEC) conducted an online internal dissemination session on the project for SEC faculties on September 20, 2021 (Mon.). The session was designed to provide information to the SEC faculties about the project and collect their feedback on the issue of internationalization of SEC in the higher education field.

Three PowerPoint presentations about the project were delivered to the faculty participants in the session. The first delivery was from Mr. Ramesh Shrestha, the Principal of SEC, on the types of Erasmus+ projects, and background, partners, objectives and activities under the “InterNepInd” project. The second presentation was on “Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions: What, Why & How?” delivered by Ms. Dakshina Shrestha, Academic Chief of SEC. The presentation highlighted on the definition of internationalization of higher education institutions, its necessity and the methods of achieving it.

Preparing strategic implementation plan (SIP) of internationalization and its institutional approval is one of the required activities for beneficiary partners of the project, and SEC also has to accomplish this task. Therefore, the third presentation delivered by Dr. Rabindra Raj Giri, Head of Civil Engineering Department of SEC, focused on SIP document required for internationalization of higher education institutions like SEC so that the faculties can understand what the document is, its importance and formulation procedure. Questions from the participants were entertained at the end of the third presentation in the session.

In the process of formulating a SIP document, feedbacks from faculty members are very important as they are one of the important stakeholders of the internationalization process. Therefore, an online questionnaire was prepared about internationalization of SEC and SIP formulation, and the faculties were asked to provide their feedbacks by answering the questions at the end of the session. The purpose of this feedback is to integrate relevant and appropriate suggestions from the faculties in the SIP document of SEC. The session, which was much fruitful in informing the faculties and collecting their suggestions on various aspects of the project, lasted for about one hour and forty-five minutes.


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