Project/Research Types and Funding Criteria

Long term Project/Research

  • · Estimated duration: 3-years.
  • · Number: 1 project
  • · Type: Multidisciplinary, product-oriented.
  • · Funding limit: 4 Lakhs (Maximum)
  • · Objectives: To develop an industry-standard product, promote institutional excellence, and participate in national/ international competitions

** It is designed for the faculty members (principle investigator must be in faculty member).  He/she must include no less than 2-students for project completion.  
At least 2- teachers are allowing for application
Medium-term Project/Research

  • · Estimated duration: 2 years.
  • · Total project funds: 4 Lakhs/year
  • · Funding limit: 2 Lakhs (Maximum)
  • · Type: Applied, Analytical, Action Research
  • · Objectives: Enhance academic knowledge, Participate in national/ international competitions.

** Principle investigator either faculty members or students, however, students must include a research supervisor permission. 
Short term Project/Research

  • · Estimated duration:  1 year.

 · Total Project fund: 3.5 Lakhs/year

  • · Funding Limit: 50k (Maximum)
  • · Type: Descriptive (Survey, Case Study, Observational, Co-relational)
  • · Objectives: Enhance academic knowledge, to gain familiarity with Research Practice

** Principle investigator must be students, however, students may assign a research supervisor. 

Overall, the supervisor's remuneration is optional, it depends on the student’s research proposal. If the student really needs a research supervisor, a Maximum of 20% of the total budget allocation for supervisor remuneration.
Eligible costs

The grant may cover the following costs:

  • Purchase or rental of special data sets, software
  • Transportation costs for data gathering,
  • Lodging and fooding  
  • Developing research arrangements, stationary


Jun 8, 2022