Baikuntha Acharya

Baikuntha Acharya

Senior Lecturer
Dy. Head, Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering

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Baikuntha Kumar Acharya is a highly qualified and experienced electronics and data science engineer with a passion for teaching. He has over 5 years of experience in the field of computer and electronics engineering. Currently, he serves as a Lecturer, Deputy Head of the Electronics & Computer Department, and a research member at Sagarmatha Research & Development Center (SRDC). With a solid foundation in Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, IoT and Cloud Computing he is well-equipped to succeed in educational settings. Mr. Acharya is dedicated to enhancing academic excellence and driving innovation in technical education at Sagarmatha Engineering College. He is particularly passionate about the applications of ML in various fields, including Embedded Systems and IoT devices.


  • Masters in Data Science & Analytics
    Sagarmatha Engineering College, Sanepa
  • Bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication Engineering
    Eastern Regional Campus, IoE, Dharan

Professional Experience

  • Research Member, Sagarmatha Research & Development Center (SRDC) (2022 – Present)
    Sagarmatha Engineering College
  • Deputy Head of Electronics & Computer Department (2021 – Present)
    Sagarmatha Engineering College
  • Lecturer (2019 – Present)
    Sagarmatha Engineering College

Professional Involvement

  • He has delivered various technical trainings as a technical instructor such as:
    • 8051 Microcontroller Training
    • Robotics & Arduino
    • Proteus Simulation and PCB Etching.

Professional Memberships

  • Registered Engineer, Nepal Engineering Council
    Regd. Number: 8080 “Electronics & Communication” “A” Category
  • IEEE Member
    Membership Number: 98672396

Teaching Interests:

  • Microprocessor
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Embedded Systems
  • Instrumentation Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

Research Interests:

  • IoT (WSN, LPWAN Technologies)
  • Machine Learning (Deep Learning & RL)
  • Robotics & Computer Vision
  • Knowledge Defined Networks


  • Journal Paper on “Performance Evaluation of Graph Neural Network-Based RouteNet Model with Attention Mechanism”
    Authors: Dhamala, B. K., Dawadi, B. R., Manzoni, P., & Acharya, B. K.
    Published on MDPI, Future Internet 16, no. 4: 116. – 2024
  • Journal Paper on “Bottle Recycling Machine Using Convolutional Neural Network”
    Authors: Lohani, S., Shrestha, S. K., Singh, R. K., Acharya, B. K., Bhatta, B., & Magar, B. T.
    Published on International Journal on Engineering Technology – 2023
  • Conference Paper on “IoT based Distributed Framework for Agricultural Decision Support System”
    Authors: Acharya, B. K., Timalsina, A.K., Joshi, B., Magar, B.T.
    Published on 7th International Conference on I-SMAC (IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)(I-SMAC) – 2024
  • Conference Paper on “QoS-Oriented Adaptive Routing in Distributed SDN using SARSA Reinforcement Learning”
    Authors: Dhamala, B. K., Dawadi, B. R., Manzoni, P., & Acharya, B. K.
    Published on 7th International Conference on I-SMAC (IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)(I-SMAC) – 2024


  • Embedded System Design
    He is familiar with hardware-software integration and proficient with different microcontrollers such as Arduino, STM32. Skilled in IoT, LPWAN, WSN, instrumentation.
  • Python Programming
    He is proficient in python and worked with different framework/libraries such as Django, NumPy, pandas, TensorFlow, PyTorch. He is also knowledgeable in best practices for clean, efficient code.
  • AI & ML
    He is proficient in AI model building, training, and deployment. In addition, he is experienced in data preprocessing and feature engineering.
  • Cloud Computing (Amazon AWS)
    He is experienced in deploying applications, managing virtual servers, and leveraging AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, and IAM.

Trainings & Certifications:

  • Research Methodology and Technical Writing with Special Focus to LaTeX
    He has completed the 7-days training provided by Pulchowk Campus and supported by UGC.
  • Effective Teaching Practices & Research Methodology
    He has completed the 3-days training provided by Sagarmatha Engineering College.
  • Skill Development Training for Academics
    He has completed the 7-days training provided by Training Institute for Technical Instruction (TITI)


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